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Italian Manufacturer ICEL offer some great ranges of good sounding well-behaved film capacitors that give you the kind of performance you are looking for at a very economical prices.

Available in both high performance Polyester and Polypropylene films, these capacitors offer significant advantages over tantalum or ceramic dielectrics.

ICEL capacitors have excellent pulse-handling capability and good stability, making them ideally suited to audio applications such as crossovers, PA systems, hi-fi and guitar amplifiers.

All parts are available in the UK exclusively from AudioCap Ltd.


For Technical Support on all ICEL capacitors, simply call 01438 488 084 in the UK or click here to send an email.




  Series & Application(s) Image Rated Voltage Capacitance Values Description & Features



 ICEL PHC Series: Metallized Polypropylene

  Cross-overs and signal path

Datasheet for



  250 Volts   1uF to 60uF   Ideal capacitor for price-sensitive audio applications.


  • High current
  • Low dissipation factor
  • Long term stability
  • Tinned copper leads
  • Extended foil construction for low inductance.



      330 Volts   0.68uF to 40uF          
      400 Volts   0.47uF to 25uF        
        600 Volts   0.33uF to 15uF          
        700 Volts   0.22uF to 10uF          
        850 Volts   0.1uF to 6.8uF          


In addition to the above, ICEL provide a wide range of polypropylene capacitors and polyester capacitors. For an overview of the complete ICEL range visit ICEL's website.




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